Your physician ordered laboratory testing and contacted us to perform these services. You might have visited one of our Patient Service Centers, or your specimens were collected at your doctor’s office and we picked them up.

This is the amount that is required by your insurance carrier to be paid by the subscriber before health plan benefits will begin to reimburse for services. MD Lab bills for deductible amounts when notified to do so by the insurance company.

This is the amount as defined in your insurance policy that is owed by the patient, after the insurance has processed your claim. It is a tool used by the insurance companies to offset the cost of healthcare and it is usually a small or fixed amount. MD Lab bills for co-payments when notified to do so by the insurance company.

Yes. Please call the lab and ask for the billing department. They will be more than happy to facilitate this request.

You may send your check or money order directly to the laboratory. Please write your MD Lab account number on your check or include it with your payment. You can call our Billing Department during business hours to pay by credit card. MD Lab accepts VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express; there is no charge to make a payment by phone. You may also pay securely below through our secure credit card processing partner

Pay securely thru PayPal

We accept these forms of payments thru PayPal's encrypted payment gateway. You can also choose to pay directly from your PayPal account.